PEMF Therapy

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PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy does much more than simply manage or mask pain. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy relieves the aches and pains associated with Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Backache, Tennis Elbow and much more.

What are the applications?
PEMF therapy can be used for pain relief, arthritis, sports injuries, osteoporosis, bone non-union, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuralgia, epicondylitis, fibromyalgia, pseudo arthrosis, rheumatic pain, tendinitis, low back pain, and wound healing.
Tens of thousands of people just like you have already been treated successfully with Curatron systems worldwide, improving dramatically their quality of life!

What should you expect?

The Curatron system creates invisible Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) causing your living cells to realign themselves in ways that restore and sustain health and well-being.
Your therapist or doctor will first ask you a few questions to determine your suitability for PEMF treatment.
PEMF offers: unparalleled pain relief, improved blood supply, increased oxygen pressure, activates and regenerates cells, and optimal peripheral oxygenation resulting in maximum therapy efficacy
Curatron systems excel with exceptionally fast pain reduction and have proven to be enormously beneficial for chronic pain therapy.
Can everyone use PEMF?

If you have any implanted electronic devices such as a heart pacemaker or defibrillator you are not able to use PEMF.
You must remove any magnetically sensitive material such as credit cards, or ID cards with magnetic strips before using PEMF.
How quickly will I see results?

If you don’t expect miracles then you will not be disappointed. This is an amazing technology, but each of us responds to PEMF in their own unique way depending on age, diet, lifestyle, general health, cultural background, and many more unknown factors. We trust that you will benefit greatly by using this system and that you, together with thousands of other satisfied users, will improve your quality of life dramatically.

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PEMF Therapy